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Legislation for Foreign Citizens residing in the Russian Federation for the purposes of Business and Labour

Procedures for the Processing of Work Permits of Foreign Citizens Arriving in Russia (not requiring a visa)


Procedures for the Processing of Work Permits of Foreign Citizens Arriving in Russia (not requiring a visa)

1. Work Permits are issued by the FMS (Federal Migration Service) Moscow, Russia

Documentation for the registration of work permits valid for 3 months for foreign citizens arriving to Russia via the visa-free regime shall be submitted by the foreigner personally to the regional office of FMS (Federal Migration Service). Permission is made by petition from the Employer for up to 1 year; and is permission is granted by the Federal Migration Service of Russia in Moscow along with the personal appeal made by the foreign citizen.

2. Further responsibilities of a foreign citizen in obtaining a work permit

Foreign citizen arriving in the Russian Federation in a manner not requiring a visa for a work permit must:

· engage in labour activity only in the region of the Russian Federation specified in the work permit;

· submit within 30 days after receipt of the work permit to the regional office of the FMS (Federal Migration Service) a copy of medical documentation as proof of the absence of his illness, drug addiction and or other infectious diseases, under the list approved by the Government of the Russian Federation if a work permit issued to a foreign citizen for more than 90 days. If medical documentation is not submitted to the appropriate authorities within the agreed upon time frame, then the work permit will be annulled.

3. Notification of the employer to federal authorities on hiring foreign citizens who arrive in the Russian Federation via a visa-free regime.

Following the issuance of a work permit to a foreign citizen arriving in Russia via a visa -free regime, the employer is obligated to submit the federal authorities an established form:

· To submit to the regional office of FMS (Federal Migration Service) within 3 working days upon the conclusion of an employment contract (or issuance of the work permit);

· Submit within 3 working days to the appropriate employment office the legal address of the employer;

· Submit within 10 calendar days to the appropriate tax inspectorate the legal address of the employer.

Notifications are to be submitted to the specified public authorities responsible to the relevant subject of the Russian Federation. Forms to the FMS (Federal Migration Service) and federal employment agencies may be sent via post, subject to a one-time departure. Notification to the tax inspectorate may also be sent via post.

Confirmation as to the fulfilment of employer’s obligations to duly notify all the relevant federal authorities, FMS, federal employment agencies and tax inspectorate etc., via post will be an official post office stamp to the notification form.

Further information regarding registration of work permits for foreign citizens can be found on the official website of the FMS of Russia

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