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Regarding the vacation of a foreign employee working under a patent


In order to conduct legal labor activity on the territory of the Russian Federation, foreign citizens with a visa-free entry regime are required to obtain a work patent. A work patent is issued for a period of up to 12 months, subject to the correct and timely payment of advance payments on it.

The validity period of a patent for the work of a foreign employee depends on the following factors:

• the time elapsed since the date of its issuance (the date is indicated on the patent itself);

• payments according to the correct details, with the correct amount and on time.

In addition, if a foreign employee has a vacation leave, this will not affect the terms and conditions of the extension of the employment patent in any way. But at the same time, if a foreign citizen leaves the Russian Federation on vacation, his documents must be valid in order for him to continue working after returning to Russia.

Before going on a vacation, the foreign employee should ensure that the work patent will be valid during the vacation and after it. If the date of issue expires during the vacation, the foreign citizen must reissue the patent in advance for another year.

If there is still enough time before the expiration of the year from the date of patent, a foreign citizen is still required to make advance payments for the period of his absence before going on vacation.

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