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The law firm LEVINE Bridge provides expert help in resolving legal problems in the Russian Federation and CIS markets. LEVINE Bridge works with foreign companies operating in Russia, Russian companies with international investments and others members of the business community. The firm’s professional team has more than ten years’ experience working in areas such as:

  • Labor law
  • Migration law
  • Corporate law
  • Tax law
  • Arbitration

LEVINE Bridge works with companies in various economic sectors, including the oil and gas industry, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, IT consultancy, FMCG, construction and finance.

Our commitment to achieving groundbreaking results has earned us a reputation as a company with high standards in service and reliability. LEVINE Bridge’s professional team of experts has many years’ experience working successfully on various migration and legal projects for leading players in Russian and international business.

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Regarding temporarily suspend for obtaining and issuance of invitation letters for visas, corporate permits to hire and use foreign employees and work permits
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Regarding closing the entry into Russia for foreign citizens
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Regarding the obligatory quarantine of citizens entering the territory of the Russian Federation
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Regarding additional measures to reduce the risk of coronavirus infection
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Regarding obligatory measures for the employer in relation to the threat of coronavirus spreading
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Regarding the cancellation of exams for citizens of Ukraine and Belarus
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Regarding the temporary ban on entry of Kyrgyz citizens by ID card
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Regarding the creation of a single platform with data on the flows of migration in Russia
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Regarding obtaining long-term multiple-entry visas for Russian citizens to Austria
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Regarding the size of the future pension of Russian citizens
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"... the experts of LEVINE Bridge have extensive practical experience in immigration law, thereby creating the foundation for a successful and stable business in the Russian Federation ..."

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"... The law firm LEVINE Bridge can be safely attributed to competent, respectful of our clients and trusted associates in the business ..."

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".... Have extensive practical experience in immigration law, thereby creating the basis for a successful and stable business of our company in regions of the Russian Federation.... "

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